Levi’s Skateboarding + Quartersnacks Set Contest

If you don't go to Quartersnacks right now and vote for Uncle Ronnie and the rest of the Ready Set lads in the Levis Skateboarding + Quartersnacks Set contest, then you are no friend of the shop! :) Link to vote here.

"As prefaced on Wednesday, set building employs a large portion of skateboarders in New York. Thanks to the support of Levi’s Skateboarding, we were able to get some funds to throw a contest between a few of the shops out in Brooklyn.

The premise is simple, shoot a video with each respective shop’s employees skating only their workspace. Each had a little over a month to complete the task, and could take any route they wanted. A few weren’t able to come through due to the time demands of the job (always next time), but we got two solid entries from two of the larger skater-run shops: Pink Sparrow and Ready Set."

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