"9th ST LURKERS LIVE" a short by Mikey Bueso

New Miami edit from Mikey Buseo with Rene Perez, John Baragwanath, Alejandro Yurrita, Mikey Higuera, Tom Rockwell, Willie Stackus, Zach Dykes, Chris Teta, Sam Shuman, Koki Loaiza, Jimmy Lannon, Richie Zuczek, Paul Deoliviera, Steve Young, Joel Meinholz, Abe Bethel, Andre Lazama, Lazaro Reyes, AJ Petit, Josh Narvaez, Julio Betancourt and Eric Torres for Theories Of Atlantis.

This is a perfect time to remind everyone of how amazing, yet under-exposed Mikey's last full length Volunteers is. I still have a couple of copies left on DVD, and I really can't recommend a video from last year much more highly. The link is here, and I promise you won't regret buying this one.

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