Aymeric Nocus • "STICKERS"

A great new part from Palomino homie Aymeric Nocus filmed by Zach Chamberlin, Bence Bálint, Colin Read, Nikola Racan, Josh Roberts, Tetouf, Greg Dezecot & Love Skateboard Co., and the Chef Family, 2014-2016.

"The basic idea was to take leftover bits from Colin's "Spirit Quest", Zach's "Sprinkles / Bright Moments", and Nikola's "Solsticij", and stick them together along with more personal footage from my trips - notably with the Rios crew in Budapest - or even at home when Tetouf came to visit and we got to skate my childhood spot for 5 minutes before his battery ran out.

Most importantly I wanted to make this a 100% skater-produced clip, which wouldn't be so much about the featured skating as it would consist in showcasing the talent of the people behind the production & their respective projects. Stickers are such a classic skater's thing (only coming second to round shaky fisheyes...), and just like one commonly uses them to 'rep' certain entities, I wanted to use those bits of video to 'rep' my friends & all the cool shit they do."

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