A Regular Ass Video


More killer street level business from Philadelphia in the form of DJTraceman's A Regular Ass Video. Possibly the last full length video that will have substantial Love Park footage, and that's Love Park footage from pretty much every Philly legend, newcomer and everyone in-between.

Featuring Joey O'Brien, Brian Panebianco, Kris Brown, Joey Marone, Jon Hadley, Patrice Southerland, Ryan Chaney, Dylan Sourbeer, Juan Algora, Mongo, Jahmir Brown, Tore Bevivino, Jamal Smith and Kevin Liedtke alongside appearances from Ricky Oyola, Ricky Geiger, Danny Renaud, Kyle Nicholson, Max Geronzi, JB Gillet, and seriously so many more.

Soundtrack including LL, Busta, method Man, Ice Cube, KRS-ONE, Chief Keef, The Roots and more (you get the picture).

1hr feature with 26 minutes of extras.

Another amazing video from one of the world's premiere plaza cities. If you're a fan of the Sabotage videos you are going to need this in your house.

RIP Love Park.