Man, Great Britain really is producing the goods in 2019. James Cruickshank's new video made up of footage shot between 2013 and 2017 is here on DVD, and it really is worth the wait.

Featuring Matlok Bennett-Jones, Jerome Campbell, Joe Gavin, Jethro Coldwell, Shaun Currie, Dom Henry, Reuben Horvath, Joe Marks, Joe Paget and Richard Chung, alongside appearances from (among many, many others) Hjalte Halberg, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzales, Jordan Trahan, Edouard Depaz, Casey Foley, Geoff Campbell, Kyron Davis, Dane Brady, David Stenstrom, Remy Taveira, Pontus Alv and honestly so many more.

Doesn't let up from start to finish. So so good.

30 minutes.