Blue Tile Lounge: Baby Blue USB


One of the videos of the year, Toronto shop Blue Tile Lounge's 7th video, Baby Blue by Devin Guiney, Rob Lane, and Rich Preston.

Comes on 16 Gb USB memory card (credit card size).

Featuring Jed Anderson, Dylan Barnes, Jay Brown, Bobby de Keyzer, Ryan DesRoches, Evan Hay, John Lennie, Pat O'Rourke, Morgan Smith, Nolan Waller, Lee Yankou & Joe Yates, with moving tributes to Darrell Smith and Justin Bokma.

Comes with a huge amount of extras, including two of Devin's previous videos, 2011's Social Withdrawal and 2016's Most Things Haven't Worked Out (both 35 minutes), Jay Burles' Racoon Alley Edit, trailers, mixtapes and more.

As above, one of the very best of 2018, heavy video!