Brothers - Simple Skateboards (with Photo Zine)


The excellent new video from Croatia's Simple Skateboards, filmed and edited by Nino Jurlina. More soul and passion in 30 seconds than you'll find in many more lauded videos start to finish. 

Shot over the last year and a half featuring Palomino fam Zoe Miloš, Dino Šertović, Krunoslav Dundović, Davor Jugovac, Hrvoje Skočić, Mario Fanuko, Raul Žgomba, Elvis Butković, Nino Jurlina, Marin Julina and many more. Killer soundtrack and a whole tonne of spots you almost certainly won't seen before unless you are familiar with Croatia.

Comes with 24 page photo 'zine featuring photography shot during the production of Brothers.

Big up Nino, Zoe, and the crew. Brothers is a pleasure!