Frog Skateboards - Killer Skaters 2 (with 'zine)


The new, and thoroughly excellent video from Frog is here, Killer Skaters 2. 

If you are even the smallest fan of Chris Milic and Jesse Alba's Frog you need this video in your life. Maximum fun in and around NYC and LA featuring Chris and Jesse alongside Hjalte Halberg, Kyota Umeki, Nick Michel, Ben Kadow, Brighton Zeuner, Dustin Henry Salomon Cardenas Jr., Etienne Gagne, Jason Byoun Nolan Benfield, Pat Gallaher, Daniel Kim, Max Palmer and a load more.

Comes with a full colour 16 page 'zine.

40 minutes with half an hour of extras.

Watch it, get smiling, call your mates up and go skating : )