Mostro Vol.5


Really happy to have finally made this happen, Mateo Barbuzzi's beautifully riso-printed Argentinian 'zine/magazine/photobook Mostro is now available in Palomino. 

Featuring Mateo's 35mm photography shot in Argentina and Peru, with skating from Alexis Ayala, Guido Fazzinga, Juan Oppen, Ignacio Marotta, Fabricio Lombardo, Julián Vilouta, Rodrigo Guzmán and Nicolás Miele.

40 pages, risoprint, printed at Dodó, Buenos Aires. 16.5cm X 23.5cm.

Comes with 39 X 28cm fold out poster, with the English translation of all text on the back.

Another very lovely release to arrive at Palomino this January.