Nowhere To Go From Here - Jonathan Rentschler


Jonathan Rentschler, the man behind the incredible Love Park book that came out a couple of years ago is back with a new one, Nowhere To Go From Here, originally 

Released on the occasion of his show at Mustard Hotel Shibuya, Tokyo, October 2019.

There is no way photos can do this one justice. Produced with photocopy on metallic silver paper (the best I could do to show this is in the last product shot) Nowhere To Go... could be considered a continuation or sister publication of the Love book.

Edition of 50 signed and hand numbered copies. Amazing textured softcover, 52 pages, 5” x 7.25”.

Truly one for the collectors (unmissable in fact), it is definitely at the higher end of pricing as far a Palomino goes but I promise you that you won't think about that for a minute when you receive your copy. It's one of the sickest books that's been in Palomino to date.