Real New York Butts

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An amazing new 'zine from Scumco & Sons, curated by photographer Issak McKay Randozzi. 

"The antiPhone pocket zine. An art zine with pages contributed from loads of skaters, photographers, and artists involved in our culture/scene/industry/whatever you want call it".

Featuring contributions from Brian Gaberman, Andy Jenkins, Ben Colen, Jay Strickland, Brian Downey, Alex Papke, Porous Walker, Ben Horton, Jai Tanju, Russ Pope, Soy Panday, Joe Brook, Cosme, Brian Delatorre, Sam Milianta and so many more.

106 pages!! iphone size (6 X 12cm), full colour, soft cover.

One of the best books/'zines (whatever you want to call it) that has passed through Palomino so far!