Toriotoko - FINAL RESTOCK!


Well.... this one is pretty special. What I believe to be Mitsuko Toshiba's first full length DVD release under his Toriotoko moniker. For those of you who have followed his amazing series of edits over the years this feels like a real statement and culmination of all that has preceded it.

Without any feeling of pretence (as far as I am concerned) Mitsuko has set out his vision for what the skateboard video should be and I can't recommend enough to you what a pleasure it is to share that with him.

Featuring Jiro Kaneko, Shogo Zama, Haruka Katagata, Hideki Mochida, Kenshiro Yagi, Pori, Daichi Ishibashi, and Yuzo Kudo alongside appearances from Shin Sanbongi, Futoshi Takano, Hiroki Miraoka, Daisuke Miyajima, Aaron Kubo, Deshi, and so many more.

Up there as one of the very best of 2018 so far for me, it's brilliant.

29 minutes.