Spring/summer 2019 is already truly blessed with videos, now you can add Zach Sayles' Philadelphia video Vanish to the list.

Featuring parts from Matt Militano (so many head scratcher moments in this one), Neil Herrick, Ricky Geiger, Kevin Liedtke, Sean Spellissy, Toly Bitny, Jeff Carlyle, Eddie Cernicky, Carson Reuther, Kris Arnold, Zack Peacock, Josh Feist, Dylan Pearce and a whole load more.

Nearly all unfamiliar spots to non native Philadelphians, amazing low slung soundtrack (with maybe a couple of exceptions), brilliant filming and editing throughout. 

32 minutes with half an hour of bonus raw footage.

Another killer video for 2019, if you can't tell, big tip on this one.