Beautiful Losers

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The book/catalogue that accompanied the hugely significant (seminal?) Beautiful Losers exhibition, which first opened at the Contemporary Arts Center in 

Cincinnati, Ohio in 2004 edited by Aaron Rose and Christian Strike.

Featuring the art of Mark Gonzales, Ed Templeton, Tobin Yelland, Barry McGee, Kaws, Geoff McFetridge, Chris Johanson, Phil Frost, Ryan McGinley, Thomas Campbell, Margaret Kilgallen, Stephen Powers, Jo Jackson, Evan Hecox, Shepard Fairey, Claire E. Rojas, Terry Richardson, Cynthia Connolly, Mike Mills, Andy Jenkins, Cheryl Dunn, Todd James, James Jarvis, Spike Jones, and Harmony Korine, alongside many works by those that influenced and preceded them.

Featuring illustrated essays by Jocko Weyland, Aaron Rose, Christian Strike, Arty Nelson, James Walmesley, Thom Colins and more.

288 page, softcover, second edition (2005).

A beautiful book. Not entirely work produced by skateboarders, but with skateboarding thoroughly part of its DNA.