Cedric Viollet - Colliding Circles


Another fucked up good book from 1991 books, right off the back of Roman Zuliani's Flushing Meadows book, Paris based Cedric Viollet's Coliding Circles.

Featuring Cedric's photos from 2002 - 2007 the landscape perfect bound book features Danny Brady, Spanky, Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Heath Kirchart, Braydon Szafranski, Lucien Clarke, Mark Baines, Jamie Tancowny, Michael Mackrodt, Jason Adams and more. 

Some intimate portraits and skateboard photography of some of the best to ever do it when they were in their absolute prime.

29 X 17cm, 42 pages, Xerox B&W photocopy.

First edition of 50 copies. Palomino has 10 and I can't imagine there will be a restock on this one so if you want a copy (you definitely do) act sooner rather than later : )