Claudio Majorana - Head of the Lion


Without a doubt one of the most beautiful books to have been available in Palomino in the six and a half years the shop has been running. Claudio Majorana's wonderful portrait of life as a young adult and skateboarder in small town Sicily is now available in very limited numbers in Palomino.

In the summer of 2011 Claudio got to know a group of kids and over the next six years developed a lasting bond and friendship with them, all the time documenting moments in their daily life which was rooted in skateboarding culture, and the general trials and tribulations of adolescent life.

Head of the Lion is the culmination of this six year project (if that is not a too unemotional word for what we have here) and it really is something else. Much like Ari Marcopoulos developed a relationship with the skateboarding culture and community in mid to late 90s NYC, Claudio has done the same in coastal Sicily. The surroundings and life experiences of the subjects are worlds apart and yet the results of both allow you a candid but never exploitative glimpse into the world of these communities.

Head of the Lion rightly saw Claudio recognised as one of the British Journal of Photography's "Ones to Watch 2018" and you can read more about the project on their website here. You may have been lucky enough to get a copy of Claudio's last book, The Recent History Of Sicilian Skateboard Tours, and if you were you will probably be able to guess at the care and attention that has gone into this beautiful book.

Edition of 300, with a choice of three covers. Each copy comes with an A6 sticker featuring the cover artwork.

19 x 26.5 cm, softcover, 68 pages, published by Cesura.