Disposable: A History Of Skateboard Art - Sean Cliver

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Available (embarrassingly) for the first time in Palomino, one of the most celebrated books on skateboarding of all time, Sean Cliver's Disposable. 

Centred around Sean's own personal story, Disposable is a comprehensive history of skateboard artwork and graphics from the late 70s/early 80s up until the early 2000s. Featuring contributions from Steve Rocco, Mark McKee, Lance Mountain, Jim Thiebaud, Pushead, Tod Swank, Andy Jenkins, Ed Templeton, and literally everybody else that was pivotal in shaping the progression of skateboard graphics.

This is the ninth edition, with sixteen additional pages since the first edition.

244 pages, full colour, paperback, 9" x 11".

Utterly essential if it is not on your shelf already.