DPY Editions are back with another volume in their amazing catalogue of hardbound books celebrating the European skate scene.

Featuring the work of 65 photographers over 365 full colour pages, spanning a year in the life of skateboarding in Paris, London, and Berlin. For the second year DPY have brought all 3 cities together in one volume rather than three separate books.

Skateboarding from Dom Henry, Niels Benett, Korahn Gayle, Juan Virues, Charlie Munro, Charlie Birch, Remy Taveira, Hugo Boserup, Danny Brady, Lucien Clark, Bobby De Keyzer, Eric Koston, Christian Malalouf, Tom Snape, Manny Lopez, Kyle Wilson and so many more.

Photographers include Sam Ashley, Benjamin Deberdt, Fred Mortagne, Marcel Veldman, Joel Peck, Richard Hart, Reece Leung, Maxime Verret, Guillaume Périmony, Friedjhof Feye, Sam Milianta, Rafal Wojnowski, Marie Dabadie, Joel Meinholz and again, many more. 

Throughout the book are postcards from Parisian skater Lisa Jacob, sent from her travels around the world building skateparks and participating in projects developing skateboarding with NGOs and charities. These postcards come from Ethiopia, Morocco, India, Maldives, Iraq, Belgium, Palestine and Angola.

First edition of 1000.

Apologies for the shipping cost on this one, but it's a beast and is therefore very heavy!!