"Alien Workshop Memory Screen: What We Know So Far" by Logan Higbie. 2nd Edition


If ever there was something that was destined to be on Palomino it is this essential amazing 'zine from Logan Higbie and Brickman Publications. 

On June, 14th 2014 Alien Workshop's seminal first video Memory Screen was shown at the Spectacle Theatre in NYC and after the screening there was a Q&A with Chris Carter and Duane Pitre, moderated by Josh Stewart (Static/Theories of Atlantis). 

Logan Higbie was on hand to record and then transcribe this Q&A to form the backbone of this 'zine. Alongside this transcription Brad Haubrich of Brickman Publications has compiled a collection of Alien Workshop adverts, screengrabs, flyers, as well as quotes excerpts and contributions from The Chromeball Incident, Bo Turner, Arty Nelson and more

Introduction by Josh Stewart.

Second edition of 120. photocopied on yellow and white copier paper with hand stamped yellow card cover.  

44 pages, 4.25"” x 11", with colour insert.

DO NOT MISS THIS ONE,  I cannot express how brilliant this 'zine is. Nerd's wet dream.