Amazing Washington DC scene video from Lagos, Nigeria's Nnamdi Ihekwoaba, a huge line-up of skaters I have to admit are mostly new to me including crew from Washington, Maryland and Virginia. Huge variety of spots not just in DC, but SF, Baltimore, NYC, London and more. Don't buy this expecting to just watch 50 minutes of Pulaski!

Featuring parts from Rashad Murray, Tom Alexander, Dylan Hatfield, Will Keysar, Mason Padilla with his powerful, unfussy, simple and stylish skating, Bryce Church, killer footage from Nnamdi himself (add him to your list of your favourite heavy set skaters), Elijah Gordon, Yoonsun Shin, Zac Negron, Quinn Batley and Brooks Morrow alongside apearances from Brian Powderly, George Hanuschack, Darius Trabalza, and a huge amount more.

Comes in 3 panel case featuring photos shot during production of the video by Toby Angel.

50 minutes feature time.

Big tip!!