Boys: A Decade Of Skateboarding in NYC - Colin Sussingham


Every so often a book arrives at Palomino that is such a pleasure it's hard to know exactly which pages to photograph as product shots to convey that pleasure properly. Colin Sussingham's 'Boys' is one of those books.

Documenting the last 10 years of New York's skateboarding scene, and a group of skaters that became inadvertently central to moving the industry's eyes away from its dated California-centric gaze. 

Featuring Cyrus Bennet, Max Palmer, Ishod Wair, beers on the pavement, Genesis Evans, Sean Pablo, parties, Brian Anderson, Johnny Wilson, pushing down the street, car journeys, Peter Sidlauskas, Nik Stain, Hjalte Halberg, and everybody and everything else you would hope to see in a book covering skateboarding in NYC for the last decade.

Introductions by Zach Baker and Quartersnacks.

First edition of 500 copies, 168 pages. 8.5” x 11.” Hardcover. Fabric bound.

It's amazing, and available in the UK exclusively in Palomino.