Clap your hands and stomp your feet, this one is the best! Without doubt the first video from Costa Rica that has been on Palomino, and I would hazard a guess the first one that has ever been for sale in Europe.

Francisco Saco's Canasta is 110% everything you could ever want from a video. Amazing (crusty as shit) spots you've never seen before, ripping by a whole bunch of guys (and friends) you may not have heard of, sick Hi-8 filming, editing and music. It's just the best (did I mention that?).

Featuring Miguel Castro, Kevin Mejia, Kervin Miranda, Isaac Valdés, Roberto Chaves, Remy Taveira, Nich Kunz and basically everyone else from the Costa Rican scene.

It honestly doesn't get any better, dare you not to go skate after you've watched this one. I love it so much. Oh and the cover is sick.