Riding Modern Art: Raphaël Zarka RESTOCK


Another really very lovely book on the shelves of Palomino.

A collection of 70 beautifully presented black and white photographs, all featuring works of art in public places, put together by the artist Raphaël Zarka.

With photography by Sam Ashley, Joe Brook, Dave Chami, Marcel Veldman, DVL, Nikwen, Bryce Kanights, Robert Christ, Maxime Veret, Seu Trinh, Jonathan Mehring and a huge amount more.

Skateboarding from, amongst others, Kenny Anderson, Bobby Puleo Silas Baxter-Neal, Grant Taylor, Jahmal Williams, Arto Saari, Hjalte Halberg, Jake Collins, Matlock Bennett-Jones, Louis Barletta, Javier Medizabal, Daewon Song, Soy Panday....

215mm × 300mm (just over A4), 152 pages, soft cover.

Please note: "Ten images are missing from this collection, as sculptors have refused to see their artwork reproduced. The spaces dedicated to those photographs remain purposely empty".