Curb Cuttings Volume One


A wonderful new 'zine from very good friend of Palomino Richard 'Benny' Hughes compiling a selection of his hand cut collage reworks of some of the best photos taken over the history of our culture.

All 100% hand cut, the only digital contribution to the process has been the scanning of the finished collages.

Featuring the photography of Arto Saari, Atiba Jefferson, Bryce Kanights, Dimitry Elyaskevich, Dobie Campbell, Gabe Morford, Glen E. Friedman, Grant Brittain, Kevin Banks, Mike O'Meally, O, TLB, Tobin Yelland and Wig Worland.

Skateboarding from Gino Ianucci, Mark Gonzales, John Cardiel, Julien Stranger, Natas Kaupas, Jagger, Mike Carrol, Jason Dill and many more.

Hand numbered edition of 75.

32 pages, full colour, A5.