Do I Look Like I Care Vol. 2

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New book from David Lucas Vivaldini, better know to his friends as Dog, featuring his photography from the last 3 years, with art direction by Rini Giannaki.

Following on from his sold out first book from 2016, Do I Look Like I Care Vol. 2 features a continuation of Dog's photography from the places that skateboarding has taken him to, and the people that he has met along the way. In his own words, "This book is my way to look at the world, to pass along some stories through a small collection of grainy memories burnt on films. A mix of awful portraits, landscapes and blurry action pics printed on paper".

Full colour, hardbound, 158 pages, 25.5cm X 20.5cm.

First edition of 60 copies, I literally only have two of them. 

A wonderful book.