For The Record DVD/Zine


Yet another brilliant video from Richmond Virginia, this time by Clem Martin, the man behind top skateboard blog Recordings of Boardings. 

Featuring Jon Rowe (who's part is embedded below), Joe Lilley, Pat Yagow, Blake Scott, Cooper Seal, Caleb Ocasio, Gilbert Crockett, Philly Santosuosso, Eric Valladares, Jordan Bradshaw, Will Rosenstock, Daniel Ravenal and a lot more. If you are a regular visitor to Palomino you will know the seal of quality that list gives.

48 minutes.

DVD also features with Clem's 17 minute long 2014 video Off The Record, and Busk Crew, his entry into last years New Orleans Film Festival, essentially an 11 minute clip featuring footage from For The Record re-edited to music from street musicians.

DVD comes in a sick envelope pack with a 44 page full colour A5 'zine with photography from Clem himself, Brent O'Donnell and more.

CANNOT GET BEHIND THIS ONE ENOUGH, I GOT 10 OF 'EM. Shout out Clem and the rest of the amazing Richmond scene.