Full Bleed-New York City Skateboard Photography: Tenth Anniversary Edition

A much needed reprint of Full Bleed, the until now hard to find (and if you can extremely expensive) 2011 book by Alex Corporan, Ivory Serra, and Andre Razo documenting the history of skateboarding in New York City. It's a stone cold must buy if you don't already own a copy. There's new photos in here since the first edition and an added foreword by Tony Hawk adding to almost 100 new pages making this a massive 400 pages in total. It’s a biggun!

Featuring photography by Giovanni Reda, Jessica Bard, Ivory Serra, Tobin Yelland, Miki Vuckovich, Thomas Campbell, Larry Clark, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, Atiba Jefferson, Bryce Kanights, Angela Boatwright, Athena Currey, Kenneth Cappello, Andy Kessler, Mike O'Meally, Allen Ying, Patrick O'Dell, C.R. Stecyck, Eby Ghafarian, and so many more.

So many legends from the rich history of this incredible, unique city including Bobby Puleo, Keith Hufnagel, Steve Olson, Harold Hunter, Vinnie Ponte, Ryan Hickey, Rodney Smith, Andy Kessler, Coco Santiago, Sean Sheffey, Hamilton Harris, Tino Razo, Peter Bici, Justin Pierce, Jamal Williams, Zered Basett, Keenan Milton, Kareem Campbell, Quim Cardona, Javier Nunez, Gio Estevez, Akira Mowatt, Eli Gesner, Steve Rodriguez, Jeff Pang, Gonz, Jason Dill, Danny Supa, Steve Cales, Robbie Gangemi, Jake Johnson, Jamie Reyes, do I need to go on?

Supreme, Brooklyn Banks, Flushing, Kids, Washington Square Park, there's so much history in these pages.

400 pages, hardbound, full colour, 285 x 223 mm.

Very happy to have this on the shelves of Palomino for the first time.



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