I WAS THERE THAT DAY - Gustavo 'Goose' Servando Baltazar Duarte

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Along with Tino Razo's Party In The Back, an amazing week for books at Palomino with the release of a second edition of the late Gustavo Servando Baltazar Duarte's document of San Francisco and Southern California in the 1980s, I was There That Day.

Featuring very early photographs of Mike and Greg Carroll, Jim Thiebaud, Rick Ibaseta, Jovontae Turner, Keith Cochran, Danny Sargent, Bryce Kanights, Shawn Martin and more.

92 pages, B/W, perfect bound softcover, 23 X 15cm. Second edition.

I have 15 copies of this and more than likely that's it. Another massive recommendation for March, it's so so good, and a wonderful commemoration for the life of Gustavo 'Goose' Servando Baltazar Duarte.

Note: Apologies for the bulldog clips in the images, it's the only way I could keep the book open without damaging my copy!