Joy Machine 1993-1994


Yet another amazing new 'zine arrives at Palomino, John Scharbach's new project documenting the history of Ed Templeton's Toy Machine Skateboards. Each edition will cover a single year from 1993-1999 (saying that this first one spans the latter part of 1993 into 1994).

Featuring contributions from Ed himself and Ted Newsome, every ad that ran through '93/'94 in Transworld and Big Brother with Jerry Fowler, Josh Kalis, Ethan Fowler, Jahmal Williams, Jamie Thomas, Pete Lehman, Joe Nemeth, Charlie Coatney, John McGrath and Ryan Fabry, a scan of Toy Machine Fanzine Issue #1 put together by Ed Templeton, a brand new extensive Panama Dan interview alongside scans of his interview from Suck Fanzine and a Charlie Coatney interview.

Essential reading for fans of Toy Machine, Ed Templeton, print and skateboard history alike.

44 pages, 8.5" x 11" (A4), B/W on yellow paper.

An incredible result from one man's obsession with Toy Machine. Roll on 1995!