Let It Kill You

Such an amazing passion project by Ben McQueen, a huge labour of love and an ode to his love of the intersecting worlds of skateboarding and tattooing.

Ben travelled to interview everyone is person at their home or shop, to visit where they worked and make that  intimate real life connection with his subjects. Those subjects are Eric Dressen, Cheyenne Sawyer & Tyler Bledsoe, Jano Navarrete, Andrew Allen & Nathan Kostechko, Jamie Thomas, and Chad Koeplinger.

Photography by Brandon Burdine, Andy Eclov, and Errick Easterday with additional contributions from Anthony Acosta, Oliver Barton, and more.

9" x 11.5”, 216 pages, hardbound with gold foil embossed cloth cover.

Designed, printed, and bound in Indianapolis. Introduction by Michael Sieben.

Ben's passion drips off the pages of this wonderful book, if you are a tattoo enthusiast this is a 110% no brainer.


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