My mum went to EMB: Max Olijnyk


Another special publication available in Palomino, Max Olijnyk's My mum went to EMB.

Max's Mum went to San Francisco in 1992 and Max begged her to visit EMB on his behalf. Max recently came across the shoebox containing the photos she took for him on that visit, unfortunately stuck together, along with a few other mementos.

This 'zine presents these photos as they have survived, and the skaters she encountered (spoiler: certified EMB legends) alongside the story that surrounds her encounters will make you smile from ear to ear.

‘…whenever I imagine my mum going to Embarcadero by herself in 1992 as a favor to her 15-year-old son and being spat at by a skater, I crumple up inside.’ 

20 pages, indigo printed, 170 x 238mm, saddle stitched, each copy comes with a replica postcard.

First edition published by Heavy Time and Freddo Books.

The highest of all possible of recommendations on this one. A wonderful little book.