Pocket Vol. 5

Against the odds, as with all the magazines this year, Pocket is back with their fifth issue/volume. Without wanting to sound like a broken record, magazine is a term stretched to the limits with Pocket. It does comes out on a regular basis every year so I guess it is a magazine, but it's also essentially a hardback book.

Vol. 5 is bookended by two wonderful tributes to Keith Hufnagel, between which you will find the usual Pocket style high end photography from Leo Preisinger, Anthony Claravall, Reece Leung, Gerard Riera, Burny, DVL, Johannes Schön, Tyler Cichy, Sebastian Waldenby,  and Dennis Scholz. 

There is Primitive in Texas shot by Oliver Barton, a trip to Paris with Kai Hillebrand, Maxi Schaible, Patrick Zentgraf and more, and a trip to Madrid and Lisbon with photography from Burny, and tear apart secret pages that reveal Denny Pham's photographs from the same trip. 

Hardbound with embossed cover, 148 (once you have opened up all the specially bound pages in the Madlis article) full colour pages.

Vol. 5 can be considered a photo issue of sorts, along the lines of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all", or in their own words, "Yet, it feels weird to write about 2020. It's been challenging for everyone.... Let the images tell their story and spark positivity". Here here.


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