Another really lovely DVD/book pack to come through the shop.

Tim O'Rourke's S.O.S is an Upstate New York video filmed from April 2014 to April 2015. Feature parts from Cody Rosenthal, Japhey Dow, Dustin Younie & Harris Lahti, Chris Terhaar, Nick Wnorowski and Julius Harpending, John Marshall and Blake Hannan, Caleb Michaloski and many more skaters from the Albany area and the wider upstate NY area.

Also comes Chris Roy's video from the mid 2000's, Vagabond, and a 5 minute 16mm edit.

DVD comes housed in a 32 page, full colour, glossy book (21.5 x 23cm). The book features photography from Trevor Culley, Eamonn McBride and more, illustrations by Pat Swift and Tim himself, and a brilliant interview with upstate NY veteran Blake Hannan.

S.O.S. is 25 minutes long with 40 minutes of extras.

Limited to 150 copies.