Same Old Issue 22

Books & Magazines

Without doubt one of the most amazing things to pass through Palomino in the 3 1/2 years the shop has been running, same old.

Issue 22 (prize for anyone who can find the previous 21; ) is a beautiful 88 page softcover perfect bound book featuring a mix of the new, the old, found images, scans from old magazine, photography, illustration, collage, and pretty much anything else that can go onto the pages of a skate 'zine/book.

An interview with Neil Blender from a 1984 issue of Don Brider's Jammer' zine, a letter to the Livingston council about the development of a skatepark in the town from the early 80s, Curtis McCann's check-out from Transworld, an invite letter to the Upland Pro-Am finals of 1979 from Henry Hester, a Gonz interview from Freestylin Mag and so much more.

29.5 x 21cm, perfect bound, 88 page, full colour.

If you haven't go the picture yet, please get yourself a copy of this, it is as good a s it gets!!! : )