Shoot To Kill - Photography By J. Strickland

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The first edition of the new book by J. Strickland, sold out pretty much everywhere now.

Intro by Chris Nieratko.

Featuring J. Strickland's photographs of Mark Gonzales, Elissa Steamer, Mike Maldanado, Jim Greco, Ali Boulala, Dutin Dollin, Brian Wenning, Kien Lieu, Stevie Williams, Tony Manfre, Nick and Henry Panza, Kevin Taylor, Jake Johnson, Austin Kanfoush and so many more.

Comes with a USB stick containing: a fifteen minute flip-cam documentary/video featuring Austin Kanfoush, Rob Starr, Nick Panza, Brian Wenning, Kyle Nicholson, Tony Manfre, Lurker Lou and more, a 3 1/2 minute VX edit featuring Austin Kanfoush, Kyle Nicholson, Nick Panza, Kevin Taylor, Mike Maldonado and more, another 5 minute graffiti/skate edit by J Strickland, two 30 minute music mixes, and more.

125 pages, black & white, softcover. 

Printed in NYC.