Skate Jawn Photo Issue 2019

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The 2019 edition of Skate Jawn's Photo Issue is here and is as fantastic as always.

Featuring photography from (amongst others) Colin Sussingham, Liam Annis, Mike Heikkila, David Gutierrez, Mac Shafer, Brent O'Donnel, Dharam Khalsa, Jonathan Mehring, John Shanahan, Terry Worona, Craig Dodds, Kevin Odell, Keith DeBottis, Brian Panebianco, Marshall Nicholson, Chris Gurinsky, Paul Coutherut, Max Palmer, Rich Adler and so many more.

Skating from Max Palmer, John Shanahan, Josh Wilson, Etienne Gagne, Billy McFeely, Brian Panebianco, Roger Krebs, Brian Reid, Dane Barker, Fred Gall, Daniel Ravenal, Andrew Wilson, Juan Virues, Cyrus Bennett, Mark Suciu, Luke Malaney, Ty Beall, Lewis Threadgold and more. 

60 pages, full colour, 28cm X 21.5cm.