Skateboard Studies: Edited by Konstantin Butz and Christian Peters

One for the nerds here, a brilliant book collecting together 11 academic essays centred around skateboarding, including Ocean Howell's celebrated essay The "Creative Class" and the Gentrifying City and contributions from Iain Borden, the man behind Skateboarding Space and the City. Some have been published before, some written specifically for this book.

You may agree or disagree with some or all of the ideas put forward here, but either way, if the idea of this book appeals to you you will take an awful lot from it.

The full list of contributions is:

• Iain Borden. Skateboarding and Public Space. A Brief History of 50 Years of Change

• Eckehart Velten Schäfer. From Record To Ritual. Outlines of an "Effective History" of Skateboarding.

• Kyle W. Kusz. The Next Progression. Centering Race and Ethnicity in Skateboarding Studies

• Konstantin Butz. Backyard Drifters. Mobility and Skate Punk in Suberban Southern California

• Francisco Vivoni. City of Social Control. Skateboarding and the Regulation Of Public Space

• Kai Reinhart. "Concrete Carving on the Berlin Wall". Skateboarding in East Germany

• Ocean Howell. The "Creative Class" and the Gentrifying City. Skateboarding in Philadelphia's Love Park

• Emily Chivers Yochim. "Freedom on Four Wheels". Neoliberal Masculinities in Skate Life

• Christian Peters. "Reclaim Your City!". Skateboarding and DIY Urbanism

• McClain, Wright, Beal, and Atencio. Adult Stakeholders' Perceptions and Practices of Gender Inclusion in Skateboarding

• Iain Borden. Another Pavement, Another Beach. Skateboarding and the Performative Critique of Architecture

272 pages, softcover, 22.5cm X 15.5cm.

Highly recommended.


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