Skateboarding Between Subculture And The Olympics

Finally available in its English translation version, Veith Kilberth and Jürgen Schwier's book compiling essay's on the commercialization and sportification of Skateboarding.

"The inclusion of skateboarding as an official discipline in the 2020 Olympic Games marks the pinnacle of a decades-long process of commercialization and sportification. Is the tightly knit subculture in danger of losing its very identity?

This anthology creates an analytical framework for understanding the fundamental conflict between skateboarding's core ethos and the tenets of institutionalized sports. Eleven acclaimed international authors from the fields of architecture, philosophy, sociology, sports sciences and gender studies provide a unique perspective on the manifold manifestations of skateboarding previously ignored by the academic discourse".

Quo vadis Skateboarding?; Veith Kilberth & Jürgen Schwier

Skateboarding between Subculture and the Olympic Games; Jürgen Schwier

From Stairs to Podium Skateboarding and the Olympics; Stages in a 50 Year Debate; Eckehart Velten Schäfer

The Olympic Skateboarding Terrain between Subculture and Sportisation; Veith Kilberth

Skatepark Worlds Constructing Communities and Building Lives; Iain Bordern

Can You Sell Out if You've Never Been in? The Olympics and Creating Spaces for Gender Inclusion in Skateboarding; Becky Beal & Kristin Ebeling

No Comply. The Resilience of Skateboarding Culture; Sebastian Schweer

The Role of Online Media Content in Skateboard Culture; Katharina Bock

Sport Instead of Play From Skateboarding to the Sport of Competitive Skateboarding; Antoine Cantin-Brault

Skateboarding in Pedagogical Production; Tim Bindel & Niklas Pick

Lords of the Rings: Reasserting the Skateboarding Art at the Olympic Games; Tait Colberg

If you found even the slightest to enjoy in books such as Iain Bordern's Skateboarding And The City, of Konstantin Butz and Christian Peters Skateboard Studies you are going to want to get your teeth into this one.


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