Where to start on this one .... Finally available on DVD, Nikola Racan's amazing independent Croatian video Solsticij. 

Filmed over 6 years and featuring more than 60 skaters, including Zoe Miloš, Marko Zubak, Masaki Ui, Aymeric Nocus, Yoan Taillandier, Tomaž Santal, Fabian Michel, Dom Henry, Jacob Harris, Tom Knox, Leo Valls, Soy Panday, Will Harmon, Nikola Andrić, and pretty much the rest of the Croatian skateboard community.

Perfect filming, editing, music choice, there's really not much to pick out as being anything but perfect in this one to be honest, it will leave you wondering how you may never have heard of Nikola or many of the people featured in the video. 

Comes with 16 page full colour, glossy booklet.

I really can't speak highly enough of Nikola's debut DVD release, it's of my personal favourite videos of all time. A hugely impressive personal labour of love to highlight the incredible scene in an underexposed part of the world.

Runs at just over an hour, and is over all too soon.