Tabula Rasa

One of my personal favourites from 2019's Vladimir Film Festival is now finally available in Palomino on DVD, Raul Žgomba's excellent Tabula Rasa. An amazing soundtrack accompanies great filming and editing in what is bound to be right near the top of the 2020 best of list for indy videos.

Featuring Antonio Peković, Miloš Aćanski, the homie Zoe Miloš, Mino Yurlina, Mark Pogačar Nikolić, Filip Tenšek, Zonimir Mikić, Dino Coce and a load more representing the Croatian scene and further. So much high quality street skating on dream and crusty spots alike by people who this video might introduce you to for the first time.

Highly recommended for any fan of fully independent VX scene videos, it's so good.



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