Too Cuntry


Nolo Nashville back on DVD!!!!

Clap your hands the crew from Tennessee are back with a new full length on a DVD packed with extras.

Those of you lucky enough to have bagged a copy od the limited Cuntry Video or who have seen any of their output online know what to expect from Too Cuntry, if not you're in for a real treat. So many crusty spots you've never seen before, amazing light, and the best skating.

Filmed and edited (the editing on this one must have taken so long!) by Corey Rosson and featuring Branson Howard, Edgar Hernandez, Ross Norman, Gizmo, Blake Moore, Miles Roderick, Matt Sharer, Christian Fonseca, Matt Nordness Terence Williams, Eli Tennant, Nick Minutelli, Bobby Newell and a whole heap more.

The bonuses are three of Nolo Nashville's previous edits which are:

• Kudzu (2016). Brilliant 14 minute web edit.

• Bo'Dega (2015). NYC trip edit, 10 minutes.

• Satan Is Boring: 2016, 10 minutes.

Just the best : )