Two Set Issue 1: Nostalgia



The first issue of what will hopefully be an extremely long running magazine is now available in Palomino, Claire Alleaume's Two Set. 

Two Set is a magazine focused on writing with each issue centred around a theme, issue one being 'Nostalgia'. Featuring contributions from Feedback_TS' Ted Barrow, Mat Lloyd, The Skate Witches' Kristen Ebeling, Kyle Beachy, Lisa Jacob, Jessica Bard (who is also responsible for the cover photo, her piece features some pretty insane 80s NYC business), Pushing Boarders' Thom Callan, Jenkem's Christian N. Kerr and Claire herself alongside artistic and photographic input from Bruno Laurent, Grant Peacock, Alex Ramsell, Vannesa Udriot, Norma Ibarra, Stefan Lind and Andy Paterson. All skaters and every one of them knocks it out the park. Prose, poetry, interviews, think pieces and more.

If that sounds even the slightest bit appealing then I cannot urge you enough to pick up a copy of this marvelous little magazine. I only hope that as time goes on and word spreads of Two Set it can develop into an important home for like minded individuals to form a community around the written word inspired by skateboarding. No doubt it will!

Congratulations to Claire and everyone involved, roll on issue 2!