Where We Come From - DVD/Book


The frankly ridiculous video from Lucas Fiederling is finally here, housed inside a 104 page hardbound book.

Featuring Chris Pfanner, Willow, Marty Murawski, Phil Zwijsen, Niklas Speer Van Cappeln, Samu Karvonen, Axel Cruysberghs and Eniz Fazliov, alongside appearances from many more, for an independent project this really is some acheivement.

Filmed over four years visiting over 20 countries, hitting up so many new and unseen spots, destroying every one of them.

55 minutes feature with 90 minutes of bonuses including raw footage, extra edits and a tonne more. The book is 104 pages, full colour, A5 hardbound, with photography from DVL, Jelle Keppens, Lucas himself and more alongside captions and stories from the road from the crew who were there.

Imagine an incredible independent version of all the terrible, bland, high budget super videos that come from LA that should be amazing but leave you cold and struggling to remember anything that happened during the 40 or so minutes you spent in front of the screen.

I can't even begin to recommend this one enough.