World Industries Jovontae Turner Napping Slick Official Reissue

One of skateboarding most iconic and controversial graphics ever penned by Marc McKee (and that's saying something) lovingly given the Prime reissue treatment on the original shape with slick graphic, using the original molds and original presses. A seminal moment in the history of skateboarding. Please read below and check the original advert for the board that appeared in Thrasher for a little context and the story behind Jovontae Turner's 1993 board.

8.5" X 31.75".

14" Wheelbase, 6.125" Nose, 6.625" Tail.

"When World started asking me what I'd want for my graphics, I said I wanted some old school Black slavery stuff, you know what I mean, something of that era. Basically to give back, and make fun of it, kinda. My first board was called 'Jovontae At Night', I came up to them saying, 'you know how they say you can't see black people at night unless they smile?' Then we did one with a runaway slave hiding in a tree, and the Napping Negro. Me and my Mom brought to Marc McKee all these postcards of what they called Black folklore, with cartoons representing Black people that were really bad. I liked it when it came out. I liked the controversy. It just makes people trip off it. I like to fuck with people, and it actually worked". Jovontae Turner, taken from Agents Provocateurs by Seb Carayol.

A lot of the early graphics I made were purely for shock value. This one, for me, is still the most outrageous. It was intended as satire, but I'm not sure that this point got across, even with the accompanying full-page ad in Thrasher that Rocco wrote. It was pure sarcasm and worded like those ads for the Civil War chess set, which, I don't know, seemed to be counting on the fact there are people still out there with an abiding fantasy of a victorious Rebel Army. Anyway, at the time it didn't seem to matter since all of our skaters, including Jovontae - whose deck it was and who was black - seemed to think the graphic was hilarious.

And the Napping Negro Wasn't the end of it. Next came the Jovontae At Night graphic, which was just this all black board with two big white eyes and smiling teeth. To be fair, after  these two decks came out we made every effort to make fun of as many other ethnic groups as were represented by our etnically diverse skate team". Marc McKee, taken from Disposable by Sean Cliver.

Apologies for the huge amount of text, I feel that the true context of the board is extremely important.

Another incredible reissue from Prime. Extremely limited and sold out at source.



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