Vern Laird's "Retirement" Part

Shout out Vern Laird! Grab his 'retirement' board here.

"I started filming for this part 11 months ago right after I recovered from a broken foot I got while filming for my 40th Birthday video part. The first line in the video was the first time I skated after being in a walking boot for 5 months. The idea of the "retirement" part came to be when Mike Stein drew another board graphic for me. David Ritchie decided it would be cool to give me another board for Surprise but we needed some sort of theme so we came up with the "retirement". I was a "Bro Pro" for one year and that's way more than I could ask for. I would like to thank everybody involved with making the board and this video possible. Filming at ages 40 and 41 isn't that easy and I worked very hard for every trick in this video. I hope you enjoy it."

Via: Jenkem.

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