Against Le Corbu

Another filmer and crew that seem unable to put a foot wrong, Flanantes and Murilo Ramão are back with another video, filmed in the Brazilian planned city of Brasília. I hope the translation below is at least a little something like it should be!

"It's just another Thursday

Between the roads and below the stars

We move on with little money

But full of hope Breathing in the fresh air

By the Brazilian roads

The saw is our destiny

Land of many northeasterns

Hardworking people who built with sweat and love

What we call today new city splendor

They said Brasilia would belong to everyone

Of all the people

From the poor, rich, politician or unemployed In the end, who conquered the best space It was the wretches who had power

To make us shut up Just like in Egypt, the people who built the city

At the end they were expelled against their will

Many died without the sparkle in their eyes. To feel in body and core

The taste of your own soil

This is sad and shocking us

That's why the flanants came to Brasilia

Investigate these injustices

Grounded in subversive ideas and maneuvers

We are a small group of flanglers

With an idea formed and ready for rematch

Our goal is to skate

On planned sidewalks and streets

From the north, south, east, west and the broken sectors

Be the new wide-legged candangos

Claiming our rights

For public use of avenues, squares and also terraces

The horizon has no owner

While we are skateboarders we will keep dreaming

Making trips, getting lost and finding yourself

Flanar is the food

For souls seeking knowledge".


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