Josh Sutton releases his own book through his Red Fez booksSoftcover, a love letter to skateboarding written by someone who discovered the culture aged 51, and by someone who also knows their way around the kitchen.

 As a food and recipe writer and skateboarder Josh has noticed the way that both eating and skateboarding 'breed notions of family and community', and how recipes are perfected through repetition and passed down from generation to generation.

Alongside over 20 recipes the book features chapters on skateboarding and nutrition, the rise of the rise of skate adjacent NGOs such as SkatePal and Skateistan, Palestine, Morocco, working on park builds, DIY culture, road trips and more.

150 pages, 250 x 210 mm, full colour.

There hasn't been a book quite like smörgåsBOARD in Palomino before, written by someone coming to skateboarding later in life and still relatively early into their journey of discovery to the amazing things it has to offer.

Shout out Ridley Road Market, RIP In Peace Hem xxx


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