20th Century Summer - Greg Hunt

An instant classic this one. If you are a collector of skateboard adjacent photobooks you can pretty much skip reading the description and buy yourself a copy immediately.

Greg Hunt spent three weeks in 1995 on a Stereo and Real tour, leaving San Francisco and travelling round the south and east of the country. This was just weeks after he got his first (second hand) camera. In the van were Joey Bast, Kelly Bird, Mike Daher, Matt Field, Drake Jones, (at the time) actual photographer Gabe Mortford (sorry Greg!!), Bobby Puleo, Matt Rodriguez, Coco Santiago, Sean Young and Mickey Reyes. Motel car parks, rooms, and pools, locals along the way, shots through the van window, and mischief. And let's not forget the clothes!!

The fact that this book is comprised of photographs shot on just 12 rolls, by an amateur, and an amateur that had only owned a camera for a couple of weeks is astonishing. I promise you it's one of the most amazing books that has passed through Palomino. Another thing, and apologies for my own thoughts here, but you know what you notice in this book? No phones. A wonderful time when everyone was present (bar a little weed no doubt) in every moment. A fully 24-7 shared experience travelling across the country in a van with your mates. If you've never lived in a world without the internet in your pocket I promise you it was a wonderful existence. Not saying it was better, it was just great (rose tinted reminiscing over).

I hope it comes across in this description how much pleasure this book brings, I cannot urge you to pick a copy enough.

Signed first edition of 750 copies (the first 400 are signed and every copy from Palomino is so).

9.5 x 10.5", 88 pages, offset duotone printed.

Published by Jason Lee's Film Photographic.


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