The eigHth of Takahiro Morita’s Far East Skate Network videos is in some ways maybe the most impressive, as On The Broad was planned, filmed, edited and released all within 3 months in 2007 by Takahiro and Takuya Nakajima. It is the first of the FESN videos that consisted of full parts, and as a result has a much calmer atmosphere than the previous releases. The video has a much more analogue feel too, with hand drawn animation (think Cosme’s contributions to Spirit Quest), titles and credits with an incredible jazz soundtrack by Taichi Masuyama.

On The Broad is the sequel to Behind The Broad and is tegh second video for Nakano skateshop Fatbros. There’s full parts from Kenji Masuyama, Akira Fujimoto, Yoshiharu Yoshida (including some sick London footage), Yuzo Kudo, Takahiro himself and an amazing stylish last part from Masakazu Aiso alongside from appearances from Nobuaki Utsugi, Toru Yoshida, Alex Lee Chang, Ryuichi Tanaka, Katsumi Minami, Yuichi Ohara, Fumihiro Watashinabe, Simon Lockett, Futoshi Sewa, Gou Miyagi, Shinpei Ueno, Shin Okada and many more.

39 minutes with a 15 minutes documentary about the production of the video and the huge importance of Fatbros to the scene in Tokyo. Featuring interviews with Takahiro Morita and Takuya Nakajima along with Fatbros owner Akinori Hagiwara and Fatbros teamriders.

Comes with a sticker and a full colour 16 page booklet.

The fact that this was made in three months is ridiculous, as with all of these FESN reissues it’s 100% 110% essential.




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