Dino Coce proudly thanks Colin Read and his video Spirit Quest for providing the inspiration for Finta in the credits, and while that inspiration is clear to see not once does that veer into the path of sub standard imitation or an appropriation of Colin's style.

Finta is the best from start to finish and is one of, if not the most creative video you are going to have the pleasure of watching in 2020. There's so many ideas in the filming and editing it's hard to know where to start and to be honest, to list them would spoil the fun. For sure you're not going to catch everything that's going on in one watch!

Featuring Bruno Ban, Antonio Kokan, Stipe Tomašević, Tome Mandič, Leo Grčina, Dino Coce, Aymeric Nocus, Ivo Dujmović, Luka Hornyanszky, Viktor Amos Belin and more.

53 1/2 minutes with 26 minutes of bonus footage, digipac with 15 pabe full colour booklet.

There's so much in here that will piss off the stiff skate video purists, and if you like your videos serious you're probably going to hate it. But if you come with a smile and an open mind there's joy in every minute of this new video from Croatia, a country that continues to champion the full length video and the physical copy.

Even the menus are amazing.


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